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About Us Ruggieri Lawns LLC

Owner – Brian Ruggieri – Graduated from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, now Delaware Valley University with a BS in Ornamental Horticulture.

Ruggieri Lawns LLC was established back in 1978 in NJ. The business was built into a full service landscape and lawn maintenance business. During the late 1980’s into the early 1990’s Ruggieri Lawns LLC employed 45 men. After several years Brian decided to down size to be able to keep the business and customer relations more personal. The approach worked out well, Ruggieri Lawns LLC built a great reputation. Brian and his family decided to move out of an ever growing and crowed NJ in 2004. The business sold quickly as the name Ruggieri Lawns LLC was a coveted business.

The Ruggieri family moved to beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, VA. Brian started another business but this time around found that mowing lawns was a very needed service in the lake area. There are many second home owners that require lawn maintenance. The move to the lake was successful. After 16 years Ruggieri Lawns LLC is one of the largest maintenance companies in the lake area. Well respected, Ruggieri Lawns LLC has 5 mowing crews , which includes maintenance of condominiums and many residential homeowners which total about 300 accounts. Along with mowing Ruggieri Lawns LLC does landscape maintenance such as shrub trimming, leaf clean ups and mulching. Ruggieri Lawns LLC has purchased a mulch blowing truck which is a state of the art machine. It is the most efficient way to install mulch, especially at hilly Smith Mountain Lake. Brian has always been very transparent and personal in his business approach. Crews are no more then 2 to 3 men. The workers are more responsible for their work with small crews and get to know their properties well as the routes remain the same throughout the year. Quality and customer relationships are extremely important to Brian, always has been and always will be.